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The site you are on, Heart Song Gallery, is owned by me, Jean B. Fitzgerald and it shows you designs that I have either created or adapted using famous art with over 100+ dog breeds, 14 cat breeds and other animals.  I take the dog, cat and other pet images, most of which I have received from customers, and with their permission, use them in my art work and insert the images into the backgrounds. 

I have taken my designs and uploaded them to create “shops” on Café Press which is the premiere
"print on demand" company on the internet today.  Each of my major shops has its own home
page or portal.

I have five major shops powered by Café Press:  Masterpiece Dogs, Dog Lover Designs, Kitty Cat Designs, Pretty Ornaments, Holiday Dog art and recently Artistic Dog Gifts (which is in progress but still has hundreds of designs).  Other shops include Angel Dog Art, Pet License Plates, and Pet Jewelry. as well as a couple sections featuring llamas and horses..

Cafe Press only makes a product when you order the product(s)Cafe Press will even print just one card if that’s all you want.  And in their own words "Customer satisfaction is our passion."  They have been the winner of the Webby award (likened to winning an Oscar), in the web retail business.  They make all the products and handle all customers service.  If you have any questions, check out the FAQ page. u may contact them at their toll free number:  1-877-809-1659 PST.  They are located in California.  

Most designs, except in the ornament shop, have over 80 products available in each shop.  New products for 2011 include shoulder bags, cosmetic bags, drinking glasses, thermos bottles, jewelry, license plates, shabby chic messenger bag and pouch, coin purses, iPad covers, iPhone covers, Kindle sleeve, etc.  A lot of designs still need these products added, so if you don't see them, feel free to ask.

If you have a special design you would like that you don’t see, you may e-mail me at: heartbridge@tampabay.rr.com  bearing in mind that it takes me between and 40 to 50 minutes to put together custom designs and upload them on the various products often requiring 4 to 5 different shapes and often resizing a a couple dozen products.   

Note:  In order for me to make my full commission, the Product number in your shopping cart should start with 030.  This is my shop identifier number.  If the product number doesn't start with 030, then you picked up a "cookie" by going through the Cafe Press market place.   I then don't receive my full commission.  You can either clear your "cookie cache" and click on the link I will give you or call in your order to Cafe Press at 1-877-809-1659 and ask for sales.
You would need to tell Cafe Press to credit shop 030 and mention my name, Jean Fitzgerald.


Jean Fitzgerald, Mulberry, FL (between Tampa and Orlando)
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All rights reserved 2010
Permission to use designs as part of your personal web site 
will be granted
in return for a small hyperlinked credit to www.heartsonggallery.com

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