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Background composite links for backgrounds to insert dogs and
cats into and upload on 80+ products in my shops listed below:

Angel Dog Art

Dog Lover Designs

Holiday Dog Art

Kitty Cat Designs

Masterpiece Dogs

Pretty Ornaments

Note:  hundreds of designs are available for each shop but there are still many
backgrounds that still need to be uploaded.  You may request a free upload using
Code: Freedesign in your e-mail.  Please make sure it hasn't already been uploaded.
This means that you may pick a dog or  cat image, pick a background  from  the links
below and have the design put on about 80 products.   (This takes 30 to 40 minutes.)

 Dog Images to choose from            Cat Images to choose from

BACKGROUND DESIGNS WITH DOGS (100+ breeds available)

* Dogs in famous art   *       * Dog designs by Jean *       Ornaments -  dogs in famous art    *

Xmas dog ornaments by Jean  *    *
     Angel Dog Art Composite 
Memorial Designs - all oval shaped for oval ornament and most other products (about 80)

Note:  Any shape can be adapted to any other shape, i.e. oval to square, square to round, etc.

WITH CATS (14 breeds and over 40 images available)

Cats in scenic backgrounds by Jean

Cats in famous art 


Black Arabian Horse Christmas Designs *

* White Arabian Horse Christmas Designs *

  Multiple Horse Christmas Designs *


* Religious designs *


Designs for Golfers


Family Fine art


Copyrighted with all rights reserved 2011 by Jean Batzell Fitzgerald of Mulberry, FL

Permission to use designs as part of your personal web site
will be
granted upon
  in return for a small hyperlinked credit to
I am also happy to exchange links with pet related sites.